Patch Cup in Peterborough


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The Exclaim! Hockey Association of the Arts’ Commitment to

Sportsmanship and Fair Play

(The Patch Cup is a member of the E!HAA) 



The E!HAA was founded on the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play and each team and player must promote them. The team is the primary authority in maintaining discipline and promoting these ideals amongst its players. Specifically, we feel fighting, roughing, verbal abuse and harmful stick-work are not part of the game. We do not have any patience for it and it’s not welcome. It is the team’s responsibility to filter out all of these unacceptable elements by not allowing certain players to play and preventing any on-ice confrontations.


We realize that on-ice confrontations always start from the actions of an opposing player. It is important to acknowledge that offenses are often accidental, but no matter what, retaliation is even more inexcusable and will often escalate the situation.  Referees are present to supervise the game, it is important to accept that they cannot see the entire surface of play and may not be able to witness every infraction. If there are any issues with missed infractions or consistent unsportsmanlike behaviour from specific players, please indicate it to your captain, who can then discuss it further with the referee or league officials after the game. Finally, every team must demand discipline from their own players before they request more from others.


Rules for the Good Times Hockey League of the Arts

While adhering to the rules of the Canadian Hockey Association the E!HA have these stipulations:


1. Fighting is prohibited. A player who fights for the first time will receive a minimum 2 game suspension.


2.  Players are only permitted to receive up to 4 minutes in penalties in a game (10 minute misconducts are excluded). If they receive more, they are ejected from the game and will be reviewed to assess whether more discipline is warranted. After a player has been ejected from 2 games they will receive a minimum 1 game suspension. On a player's 3rd minor penalty in a game, a penalty shot will be awarded to the opposing team and the 2 minutes do not have to be served by the offending team.

3. We play without the centre red line. Automatic Icing is called from behind the blue line.


4. There is no intentional body contact permitted.


5. Offsetting penalties won’t affect the number of players on the ice.


6. If a team is short-handed on the ice due to a penalty, they can only substitute when the puck is in play or the clock is stopped.


7. Half or full visors or cages are mandatory

8. We have 14 minute running-time periods. Last 30 seconds of 1st & 2nd periods and the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period are stop time. If the goal difference is greater than 2 goals, there won’t be stop time. The clock starts at 10 minutes past the hour.


9. Team Rosters. Every team will submit a 17 player roster By September 12th, 2004 (maximum of 15 skaters, 2 goalies). Skaters on the roster have to play a minimum of 2 games to be eligible for the playoffs. Players that were on last last year’s team roster only have to play 1 game. Spare players not on the roster have to play a minimum of 5 games to be eligible for the playoffs. Goalies only have to play 1 game for any team to be eligible for the playoffs. Skaters can only play for 1 team in the playoffs. If a roster goalie isn’t available for their team in the playoffs, the team may use any goalie from the league that has played at least 1 game. Any woman player only has to play 1 game to be eligible for the playoffs.

10. Team Penalty Minutes. A team is only allowed to have a maximum of 55 PIM (exhibition game not included) to qualify for the playoffs. These are only minutes earned by players on the roster that are playoff eligible themselves. Misconducts are included. If a player has been expelled for the rest of the season by the league or team, their penalty minutes will not count towards the team’s total PIM. If the team expels a player, they must give written notice to the league to make it official. If a team has more than 77 penalty minutes they must organize an artistic event, preferably something social, to be eligible to be allowed back in the league the following year. The league reserves the right to disallow any team back in the league if they are a detriment to the league.

11. A bonus 1/2 point will be awarded to a team for every no-penalty game they play.

12. Each team may take a 30 second time out per game.

13. Suspensions. Every player ejected from a game will be reviewed to decide whether a suspension or expulsion is necessary. After a player has received 2 game ejections they must serve a minimum 1 game suspension. On their 3rd game ejection they must serve a minimum 2 game suspension. A player is only allowed up to 2 suspensions. If a player does anything that warrants a 3rd suspension he/she is expelled from the league for the rest of the season - minimum. These are all minimum disciplinary actions. We reserve the right to expel anyone for any intolerable act and increase suspensions where warranted.

14. Playoffs. The highest seeded team always plays the lowest seeded team. Teams with less than 56 team penalty minutes qualify. We will have a minimum of 4 teams in the playoffs in each Division. If less than four teams qualify, the next teams to qualify will be the team(s) with the lowest amount of team penalty minutes until we have 4 qualified teams for the playoffs. Teams that qualify with more than 55 team penalty minutes will be seeded lower than the teams that qualified with less than 56 team penalty minutes.

a) Byes. With a 6 team playoff, 1st and 2nd will get a bye past the 1st round. 1st and 2nd will have a game to determine who the champion of the Regular season is. With a 5 team playoff, 1st will have the option to have a bye. If they aren't interested, the option will be passed down to the next seed until a team takes the bye. If the first 4 teams don't take the bye, the 5th place team will take the bye.

b) Sudden Death Overtime, when necessary, will be 4 on 4. It will be 5 minutes running time, with the last 2 minutes being stop time.

15. Regular Season Substitutions. There must be at least 5 players from the team's roster (players labeled as Exempt or Active, not spares) dressed. More than 50% of the dressed players have to be roster (Exempt or Active) players too. If the team can't field these minimum requirements they must forfeit the game.

Teams cannot solicit strangers at the last minute before their game to fill out their roster. If a team is unable to field a qualified roster for the game, they must forfeit and are encouraged to mix-up the players from both teams and have a fun exhibition game. As well, teams cannot solicit subs from the opposing team unless you've forfeited.